Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Immortalizing 20th September 2011

Eternal moments jailed in memory lane,
Blissful smiles locked forever,
In the lanes of that heavenly Garden,
Shalt echo our firm friendship
In the shadows of the trees,
Shalt rest its craziness.

Addictive smile, delicate grace,
She brought light along that day,
Annoying she might be,
Worried more about the fly than her food,
Sweetest treasure she is though,
Always shining, always twinkling.

Yet another one:
‘Mast’, carefree, active,
The ‘man’ of the clan she is.
Annoyed she could be at me,
But then who cares?
Unlimited laughter, restless soul she is,
Always Angelic, always Junoon!

Childish, ‘chanchal’,
Firm diet she undergoes,
Her most cherished step
Wins the hearts of million,
Thus, she dwells in my breath
Always startled, always inspiring

Silent, weighing her words,
She strides in smoothly
With her kind deeds, her pure smile.
Her motherly attributes,
Bequeath us serenity of mind,
Always helpful, always smiling

She has been there a while,
With that special one.
Her catwalk was worth it♥
Her ‘ladoos’ were Yummy!
Someone throw out her phone,
For she sticks to it,
Always so loving, Always so caring

One word: ‘Haila’
Epitome of shyness,
Patience: He never says ‘No’,
Amazing were his wayward steps,
Full doze of laughter we had
Always so confused, Always so loveable.

He is fantastic, though annoying,
Couldn’t be better as a friend,
Monkeying around all the time,
Like a LMC, which he would call Popular Culture :P
Bringing life to every moment,
Always so colourful, always so lovely.
“P.S: U r a legend”, I would say!

And then, there’s another one:
Queen, ‘chamak challo’,
She is sweet, simple and SHORT.
Some find her “Masha Allah”,
For her dance, and her food,  
She added fragnance to that day,
From dawn till Dusk.

Thus ended a day, a lifetime!
Full of memories,
To be cherished forever!

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  1. @nabiilah khan:

    I love it. thumbs Up :)
    Recap. who are they?:P lovely descriptions:)