Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Still hard to believe

Still hard to believe that you left me,

Strong was my faith that you are there for me.

“I love you and this is what matters!”

How foolish was I to believe you!

I don’t know where I went wrong

I don’t know what resulted into your decision.

But I do know that I loved you more than anything else.

Everything was so perfect…

You, your breathtaking smile, your dazzling breath,

Your mesmerizing scent, your magnificent eyes…

Human you were for everyone else,

Yet for me, you were My Angel!

Still incredible to believe why you left me.

Do I deserve this?

Ought I to be left in the lurch?

I don’t know….

But I do know that your presence will be missed

As you colonized my life, my every breath

And now you are gone…

Away from my sight…

Away from my life…

I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to forget you,

And I know that you will also never be able to forget me

But one thing I do promise you…

I’ll be happy without you.

You went away from him,  
He was never the same,  
You stole from him  
His smile, his happiness, 
his peace of mind  
Everytime he talks, you are there,  
Everytime he smiles, you are there,  
You are gone, but you are not.
I wonder, what went in your mind,
I wonder, what a FOOL could you be
To hurt the one, Who gave you everything, 
  Who made you who you are today.
What a fool you were!  
But now, he's back,  
As the one I've always known,  
Cheerful, playful, happy!  
Promise, he did make to you, 
 Happy he'll be always...
ALWAYS, With or without you!  
I'm there for him,  
Forever, to keep him happy,  
To find him the happiness he deserves.  
Often i wonder, 
What went wrong?  
But then, it's alright,  
He's happy, even without you!  
You have never been his world,  
You can never be either...  
He's out...searching for his self, 
  Never to turn back again to you,
Never to care for you, 
                                                         That's what you deserve, I guess. 

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