Friday, October 07, 2011

And...It rained

My cup of hot chocolate hovering about the floor, my favorite music playing in the background, I was lounging on the marble floor facing the terrace. I could feel the night breeze stroking my arms and legs. The night was unvoiced, much to my amazement. I could hardly hear passing vehicles down the highway, maybe because the clock recently struck one in the morning. I wonder why I am still on my feet so late at night.  I was actually trying hard to read a novel since long, but it seems that tonight will be again a vain trial to read it. I have noticed that I am suffering from a strange unexplained brain jam since a few days. I want to read, but I cannot. The moment I sit with a book, either I switch off, or my mind linger about memory lanes too often. I was allowing my brain to formulate the idea of going to sleep, or at least pretending to go to sleep, because these days, sleep seems to be the unwelcomed guest. Just then, a cold humid gush of breeze broke through the window, I felt a cold shiver down my spine. I stepped out of the terrace, scrutinized the sky. The blackness and quietness of the sky startled me. The atmosphere was stiffened with humidity, I knew it was about to rain, and I knew that I was going to enjoy this moment. I waited patiently for this one drop to settle on my body. I waited to smell the wet soil. I waited for Nature to manifest itself in this urge of downpour. I sat down on the swing. I realized I was in my sleeping gown, and I knew getting wet tonight will result to illness tomorrow morning but I was ready to undertake the risk. I love the rain; I love the feeling of being able to enjoy every drop of rain, the blessings of Almighty in its true sense. I waited, almost impatiently now for this one drop to bless me. I closed my eyes, I could smell the hot chocolate that I literally abandoned, for which I felt a slight guilt. I could hear the amazing music playing in my room, and I knew once the shower begins, the tinkling of the raindrops will subdue the music, and once again I felt a pinch of guilt. I welcomed another gush of breeze, sneaking shrill down my spine again…And… it rained! 

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