Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Crumbled world of a Daughter

Heavy, weary footsteps stumped,
And my smile magnified.
Like a soft blanket he hugged me,
Warmth I felt, Secured and loved.
A kiss on the forehead,
A chocolate on my desk,
Off he went to his own ‘territory’
Never to come back again,
At least for the night,
Never to have a word with me again.
Maybe a quick ‘take care’, ‘don’t spend the whole night revising’
If I were lucky enough tonight.
Words never flew so smoothly,
Emotions forever hidden,
Never to be unveiled.

Far away mumbling voices crossed my ear,
Desire to join in filled my heart.
Off I crossed the border, entered his ‘territory’
I guess, I should have expected that:
I listened, smiled some fake smiles,
Nobody seemed to care,
Nobody realized I was there,
I stood up,
Crossed the border, entered my ‘territory’
Glued to the desk,
Back to the black and white world of books.
The chocolate flashed on the edge,
Innocent hands grabbed it,
Mouth gulped it voraciously.

And thus started another evening,
Heavy, weary evening.
Another failed trial,
Another unclaimed desire,
Another painful longing,
To be Daddy’s Daughter.
Daddy’s daughter, in the real sense.

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