Saturday, October 01, 2011

Her world fell apart...

Different parents, different atmosphere,
We, but grew up together.
We played, we cried, we studied,
To many it seemed, bonded we were forever.
In silence, childhood walked away,
Peeped in adulthood, suddenly.
We were never the same,
Hardly we greeted each other,
Hardly we listened to each other,
You were lost in your own world,
I was confined to my own jail.
Then came a night,
As devilish as ever,
To many it seemed, but a nightmare
For you, it was, all but true
You resolved to let go,
Of your Dad,
Who prized you over himself,
Of your mom,
Who begot you despite every pain,
Of that home,
Where happiness grows everyday
Of that life,
Which made you who you are
How could you?
Did you not once think of your mom?
How could you?
Do you not value that diamond you still possess?
Do you really mean to let go?
Could you not think for once,
About your Mom,
That One, who gave birth to you,
Who, despite every thorns,
Brought fragrance to your life,
Who, despite every “NO”
Said “Yes” to your Education.
How could you not value her?
When you still have her in your life?
Ask me, how life is without a mother!
Ask me, how life is without her love!
Ask me, how life is as an orphan!
How could you?
Different parents, different atmosphere,
We, but grew up together.
To many it seemed, you would not let go
To ME it seemed all but a momentary crisis,
The truth is something else.
You resolved to go,
Letting behind,
Your world,
Your Family,

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