Saturday, October 15, 2011

A tribute to my Hero

In the solemn outburst of silence,
Where darkness strays and stops
His struggling voice echoes
Down the numbness of utterance

His deep eyes I saw again,
As mystified as I once observed,
His gaze, as enchanted as ever,
His blink, as dazzling it remains

Ephemeral his smile was though,
Encapsulated was the power int,
To make the gazer bewildered,
Oh this smile- The prestige of life.

His voice, I couldnt hear,
His heart, I couldnt feel
Strangely enough, his tears
Flashed in almost faultlessly.

All the pains and agony,
His heart adorned in harmony,
All the bliss and joy,
His life rejected in ecstasy

Of all his miseries and sadness,
He survived and lived,
He smiled and fought loneliness.
Heartless he remained, but he lived.

Never let go, he taught me,
To this, Im still hanging on,
Believing in myself all along,
Fighting away the world.

You might not be here,
Your voice, extinguished,
Your charm, expired,
Still, your presence is felt

Beyond the stars, as the unseen,
In the wind, as the unheard,
In my heart, as the untouched,
In my breath, as a part of me.

And forever, thus shall remain,
Untainted and pure, mighty and grand
Your soul captured,
For I am incomplete without you.

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